Kelso's Choice Conflict Mgmt 4th Edition

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Kelso's Choice Conflict Magagement Kit-4th edition

Grades K-5. Kelso is based on the premise that every child is capable of being a peacemaker. The program offers nine options students can choose from to resolve conflicts. Can be implemented school-wide, in a classroom, in a small group setting or for individual counseling.

Conflict Management Kit Includes: • Kelso in Action DVD – 4th edition See Kelso’s Choices in action! Short, true-to-life vignettes help students see how kids just like them use Kelso’s Choices to solve everyday problems. 20 minutes • Leader’s Guide with printable material • Paper puppet cut-out • Willow Pond Storybook • Kelso puppet • Lily puppet • Poster sets, five for each grade level – Grades K-3 (It’s Your Choice); Grades 4-5 (Choose 2 and Diffuse)