Activities for Building Character & Social Emotional Learning (Set of 4)


Activities for Building Character & Social-Emotional Learning Set of 4

These four grade-sensitive activity books:

Build attitudes of respect and caring
Reduce problems behaviors
Empower students to solve problems
Educate the whole child socially, emotionally and academically
Focus on emotions, empathy, relationships, bullying, prevention, conflict resolution, teamwork, and decision making.

Each flexible, user-friendly guide offers 100+ ready-to-use activities that intergrate into the daily curriculum in all subject areas. CD with activities. 106-208 pages.

Set includes one each of the following:

Activities for Building Character & Social-Emotional Learning PreK-K

Use the PreK–K Guide to teach young children positive life skills through daily practice. The activities teach the whole child by allowing them to be curious, active, imaginative, and part of the learning process. This guide helps teachers work within a framework toward specific goals, but also encourages them to be creative in helping children express themselves. Themes developed during the year:

Learning about me and my safe and caring school
Discovering my feelings and the feelings of others
Caring people
Respect for myself and others
Getting along with others
Making good choices
My talents and the things I can do

Activities for Building Character & Social-Emotional Learning Grades 1-2

One of the key components of the Grades 1–2 materials is teaching kids to get along. Teachers are encouraged to use classroom meetings (circle time) throughout the day to deal with misunderstandings, bullying, inappropriate language, and social conflicts that arise inside and outside the classroom. By doing so, a forum is created where students can share their feelings, as well as review, process, and discuss ways to positively resolve conflicts. The more than 100 lesson plans and activities give multiple opportunities to capitalize on the teachable moments.

Key concepts explored in the program:

Me and my safe and caring school—how to be an Ambassador of Peace
Discovering our feelings—learning how to Stop, Think, Choose
My support system—caring for others and being a friend
Respect yourself and others—using good manners or bad manners
Caring about one another—helping to prevent bullying
Cooperation—how to team up for success
Getting along with others—using conflict resolution skills
The power to choose—growing responsibility
Follow your dreams—using my gifts and talents

Activities for Building Character & Social-Emotional Learning Grades 3-5

The Grades 3–5 resource guide, like all the other Safe & Caring Schools volumes, is structured to be student-centered. The 100+ activities create opportunities for students to ask questions, discuss their interests, and find out what motivates them to get along with others. The lessons help students improve their social skills and use them as they practice teambuilding, communication techniques, deal with friendship issues, and express their feelings in appropriate ways. The materials can be used in an individual classroom, across a grade level, or throughout the entire school.

Key concepts:

Me and my safe and caring school—rules and our classroom community
Discovering our feelings—what can I do when I get angry
My support system—give and take, compassion, and friendships
Respect yourself and others—good manners, honesty, equality, and inclusion
Bullying—mean words hurt, kidding vs. teasing, and getting help
Teaming up for success—responsibility, leadership, and sharing
Conflict resolution—listening skills, attitude matters, and using a Stop, Think, Choose process
The power to choose—making positive and wise choices, consequences of choices, and being fair

Activities for Building Character & Social-Emotional Learning Grades 6-8

The guide provides specific, easy-to-use activities that allow students to have conversations, learn through inquiry, and feel empowered to change through self-monitoring of their creative thinking. Students use creative ways, including art, drama, writing, music, and reading, to express themselves and reflect on their experiences.

Key concepts:

Me and my school community—what I need at school, cool rules, and respecting differences

Discovering our feelings—character building, dealing with anger, stress, and attitude makes a difference

My support system—friendship factors, stress stoppers, peer pressure, and people who care about me

Respect yourself and others—the language of respect, blaming, compassion, and private space

Bullying—being cool enough to care, bully survey, courage to be a positive bystander, and how to handle bullies

Teaming up for success—accountability, leadership, verbal and nonverbal communication, and cooperation

Conflict resolution—keeping my cool, problem solving steps, and team spirit

The power to choose—targeting good choices, learning from my choices, thinking before acting, and making a difference at school

Follow your dreams—positive role models, using my gifts and talents, self-discipline, and setting goals

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