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Gambling: It's a Losing Bet DVD Set


Gambling: It's a Losing Bet DVD Set

Grade level: 7-12. In this realistic, compelling three-program series, each program uses different settings and situations to deliver the message that compulsive gambling is a problem that can, and must be addressed. 13-21-minutes each.

Series includes 1 each of the following titles:

Safe Bet: Recognizing the Problem Mike, a high-school student, borrows money from other teens to pay his gambling debts. Struggling with another student to whom he owes money, Mike bumps his head and loses consciousness. While unconscious, Mike is "visited" by his uncle, who committed suicide because of his heavy gambling debts. Uncle Nick explains how gambling affected his life: missed payments, losses, lying, cheating, and a failed marriage. As Mike wakes up, he confronts the seriousness of his own gambling problem.

Done Deal: Choosing Not to Gamble This DVD features Mike, the main character in Safe Bet, as a young adult who has dropped out of college because of the extensive gambling he did on campus. Stressed by the family's financial problems, Mike's mother argues with him after she finds evidence that suggests he is gambling again. Affected by his mom's reaction and an empathetic coworker's support, Mike finds himself able to refuse when he is faced with the temptation to place a bet.

Play to Win: The Deadly Consequences of Gambling The potential for gambling-related violence is the central focus of this DVD as Keenan, a high school student, is threatened with a gun when he loses at a dice game and doesn't have enough money to pay the winner. His teacher, whose grandson recently committed suicide because of gambling debts, helps Keenan understand that playing to win in life is more important than playing to win in gambling.

DVDs also sold individually