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$5 FLAT RATE SHIPPING: On All Standard Ground Deliveries within the Continental U.S.
$5 FLAT RATE SHIPPING: On All Standard Ground Deliveries within the Continental U.S.


STUDENT SOLIDARITY™ is a campaign started by Carmine Russo and The Bureau for At-Risk Youth with the slogan "U.S.A. United Students of America," bringing together students of ALL Races, Religions, Nationalities, Genders and Sexual Orientations under the belief WE ARE UNITED AS ONE!


The COVID-19 pandemic abruptly disrupted the school year and our lives for months and now as the students get ready to go back to school we want to introduce the new campaign to help unite students.

Join the movement to show support for a United, Peaceful and All-Inclusive School, Home and Community Environment!

Help spread the message and show your support with some of the campaign resources below:

Campaign Items Include:
  • FREE Student Solidarity™ Campaign Cards (25 Pack)
  • Student Solidarity™ Campaign Pencil
  • Student Solidarity™ Campaign Kit (4 Pack + Supplies)
  • Student Solidarity™ Campaign DIY Pointless Pencil Kit
  • Student Solidarity™ Campaign Class Kit
  • Student Solidarity™ Campaign Pencils (25 Pack)
  • Student Solidarity™ Campaign Imprinted Pencil Shields (25 Pack)
  • Student Solidarity™ Campaign Unisex T-Shirt (Youth)
  • Student Solidarity™ Campaign Unisex T-Shirt (Adult)
  • Purchases of campaign resources will also assist us in funding our home grown initiative to provide donations of products to students that are less fortunate and do not have the necessary school supplies that many of us take for granted.

    The Bureau for At-Risk Youth, a division of Prevention Products & Services, Inc. was started in 1991 and is in its 30th year of supporting students and educators with products focused on character education, bullying prevention, drug awareness, and violence prevention, just to name a few.

    Prevention Products & Services, Inc. is a family owned and operated small business. President and CEO, Carmine Russo, has been with the company since 1998 and is passionate about helping kids.

    This campaign is supported by:
    ChildsWork/ChildsPlayCreative Therapy Store | Red Ribbon Resources | | Courage To Change | | JayJo Books | Military Community Awareness, Inc.