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Building Character with Kelly Bear 29 Songs Audio CD


Building Character with Kelly Bear 29 Songs Audio CD

Ages 3-9. Songs That Teach Skills for Life. Performed by Don Monopoli and children. A positive role model for all young children, Kelly Bear shares his message of healthy living, self-awareness, personal safety, and self-control. This lovable, life-size green bear is free of bias - racial, ethnic, religious, age, ability, cultural, and gender. As children sing along to familiar melodies, they develop interpersonal skills that will assist them in making positive life choices - and they have fun! Songbook with lyrics is available in a PDF online.

Song List:

Kelly Bear Theme Song (2:06)
I Feel Good When I Remember (2:00)
I Am Kind and Friendly (2:43)
If You're Friendly and You Know It (1:13)
What Can You Do Well? (2:00)
Kelly Bear is A Kind Bear (1:37)
Did You Ever See A Kelly? (2:14)
Kelly Bear Goes to School (2:57)
I Love Kelly Bear (1:00)
I Am Somebody (1:41)
No to Drugs (1:14)
Feelings (2:23)
Everyone Feels Good and Bad (2:18)
Sometimes I'm Sad (2:46)
Never Quit (1:26)
Show Respect to Everyone (2:18)
Kelly Bear Cheer (3:11)
Safety Song (1:42)
Always Use Your Head (:49)
Stop, Think, Ask (2:16)
Looking in the Mirror (:56)
Secret Touch (2:15)
Take Action (2:48)
Don't Be Afraid (1:11)
Bullies (2:42)
Making Peace (1:24)
Solving Problems (3:03)
I Am Lovable (1:33)
I Want to Be (2:44)

This product is also part of the Complete Kelly Bear Collection. To learn more about this set see product 362269.