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Bullying, Teasing and Put Downs: What Victims Can Do DVD


Bullying, Teasing and Put-Downs: What Victims Can Do DVD

Grade level: 4-8. This fast-paced program highlights real kids talking about what worked and didn't work as they attempted to deal with the effects upon them of bullying, teasing and put-downs. Their stories give other kids hope that change can be made and the bullying can stop. By raising important questions about bullies and their targets, this program provides tools kids need to handle bullying behavior in a safe and effective way. Interwoven throughout, is expert advice from counselors on what motivates a bully and why bullies target some people. 22-minute DVD and online leader's guide.

The objectives of this DVD are:
- To identify the reasons why some children become bullies.
- To describe various types of bullying behaviors.
- To recognize the differences between playful and hurtful teasing.
- To show children strategies to use in bullying situations.