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Drop Out Prevention DVD Series

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Drop-Out Prevention DVD Series

Grade level: 7-12. Based on real-life dramatizations this series shows how making good decisions, setting goals, establishing healthy relationships, and using available school and community resources to deal with family problems can help teens stay in school and graduate. Emphasizes that dropping out in today's job market will have serious economic and social consequences in the future. The four programs in the series can be presented as an on-going drama, or each program can be used individually. After viewing the program students will recognize the critical importance of staying in school and graduating, understand that dropping out of school is a process that begins early, learn key strategies to use to make good decisions, set goals, develop healthy relationships, and solve problems in order to stay in school, and learn how to use self-management skills and available school and community resources to help them stay in school and graduate. Each DVD is 17-20 minutes, Leader's Guides available online.

Series includes one each of the following titles:

Making Good Decisions
Three stories focus on the importance of making good decisions by considering the effect on the future. Teens learn to think through the short- and long-term consequences of the choices they're making and use concerned adults as resources. Program advises viewers to listen to their inner voice and consider their goals when making decisions.

Building Relationships for Success
Three stories explore relationships with friends, teachers, and boyfriends or girlfriends. Viewers see what healthy relationships look like when partners and friends support each other's goals and make academic success their priority.

Coping with Family Stress
This program tells the story of three teens whose family stress is affecting their academic performance and threatening their ability to stay in school. Assisted by mentors, teachers, and counselors, these teens learn about available resources that can help their families surmount their crises and allow them to focus on school. Offers advice on how viewers can initiate contact with agencies that can help their families.

How to Set Goals
This program shows how setting realistic goals can help motivate students and build self-esteem. Viewers see that achieving goals take hard work, but the rewards repay the effort. They also learn how to handle peers who don't support their goals, especially when trying to improve or aim higher.

DVDs also sold individually.