Drug Class 2: Carly and Zoe DVD


Drug Class 2: Carly and Zoe DVD

About this DVD
The 5th DVD in Drug Class Season 2. Carly's older sister, Zoe began drinking and drug use when she entered high school. Zoe's change in behavior began to play havoc on the family dynamic; this deeply effected Carly. Carly talks about her relationship with Zoe, but as the story unfolds we also learn Carly is now becoming involved with illicit drugs and alcohol. As Zoe begins sobriety, she tries to tell her sister, "it is not worth the pain." 23 minutes. Leader's Guide available online.

About Drug Class Season 2 (Each DVD sold separately or as a complete season)
This season picks up where Season 1's stories left off and we again get the opportunity to follow several more students and their families who are dealing with drug addiction and recovery. To learn more about the complete Drug Class Season 2 see product 1270A.

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