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Drug Class Season 2 Set of 13 DVDs

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Drug Class Season 2 Set of 13 DVDs

- 13-Part, TV-Quality, Drug Prevention Program
- Ideal for Middle School and High School Teens
- High-Interest Series Promotes Discussion
- Perfect for Prevention and Recovery Classes

Drug Class Season 2 is the latest installment in the popular Drug Class Series. They pick up where the first stories left off and we again get the opportunity to follow several more students and their families who are dealing with drug addiction and recovery.

Series includes one each of the following DVD titles:

Welcome Back To Drug Class
A look back at season 1 and a preview of what is to come.

Emotional Growth
After several years of heavy drug and alcohol use, Kristie has now been clean and sober for 9 months. At 18 years old, Kristie realizes that her heavy usage arrested her emotional growth and that she is really lacking maturity. In order for Kristie to grow up, she must learn to face issues and concerns without drugs or alcohol.

Years of heavy drug use have damaged the relationship between Nolan and his mother. After becoming clean and sober, Nolan must now regain the trust and confidence of his mother.

Addiction is a Family Disease
Everybody suffers when there is a substance use problem in a home. This episode helps parents understand what the nature of the problem is and what they can do to help.

Carly and Zoe
Carly's older sister, Zoe began drinking and drug use when she entered high school. Zoe's change in behavior began to play havoc on the family dynamic; this deeply effected Carly. Carly talks about her relationship with Zoe, but as the story unfolds we also learn Carly is now becoming involved with illicit drugs and alcohol. As Zoe begins sobriety, she tries to tell her sister, "it is not worth the pain."

Impairment Part 1
This episode focuses on the seriousness of drinking and driving. In this episode we focus on a PSA by SADD that shows how drinking and driving can cause disabilities. Dwayne, the father of 21 year Melissa, who was killed by a drunk driver, shares how he is coping with her death. We also hear from Ted, the driver who was responsible for her death.

This episode follows Curtis as he prepares to leave a rehabilitation center. As an athlete, Curtis wants to fill his void by participating once again in sports. This hope is dashed temporarily, when Curtis breaks his leg.

Traumatic events are often the spark that starts a substance abuse problem. After years of keeping a secret and bearing the guilt, Chelsie tells her mother that she was sexually assaulted at a drinking party. Chelsie also visits a counselor to help her deal with her guilt and pain. Both her mother and the counselor tell Chelsie "that this was not her fault."

Impairment Part 2
Impaired driving continues to be a huge problem for youth. To illustrate this further, a mother who has recently lost a son to drinking and driving talks to Rand's class, and asks his students to drive responsible.

Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome
Recovery is complicated. One of the issues faced by most people in the early stages of recovery is Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. This episode explains the warning signs and symptoms as well as strategies to overcome the emotional turmoil involved.

Recovery is complicated; one of the things that helps many people is the development of their personal spirituality. This episode looks at some of the different approaches to getting connected to something bigger than you.

Last year Lauren began experimenting with drugs and alcohol, this year her usage has exploded. Rand arranges an intervention between Lauren and her parents to persuade Lauren to go to rehab. Lauren agrees, but her resistance to change continues to cause her problems.

Looking Back
Drug Class is about progress. In this episode we recap the stories of our participants and take a look at where they are now.

DVDs also sold individually.