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Face the Facts Drug Prevention Pamphlet Spice 25 pack


Face the Facts-Drug Prevention Pamphlet: Spice 25-pack

-New, quick-read, fact-filled pamphlet expertly written to appeal to today's youth.
-Pinpoints the dangers and consequences of illegal drug use.
-Age-appropriate material suitable for middle school and teenage students.
-Includes references to helpful websites and treatment resources.
-Handy, tri-fold format for fast-reference.

This pamphlet explains what "spice" is, what the effects are of using this drug, why you should say no, and gives useful websites for substance abuse prevention and treatment resources.

Sold in packs of 25 of same style.

This pamphlet is also part of the Face the Facts 19-Part Drug Prevention Series. To learn more about this series see product 1932A.