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Get.A.Voice! (Grades 3-5) Bullying Prevention Program

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get.a.voice® helps our youth become more conscious of and take responsibility for their thoughts, words, and ultimately, actions. With extensive input from teachers, administrators, counselors, support staff, students, and parents across 17 schools in New York State, get.a.voice® evolved to become a language-based approach to:
  • Decrease name-calling and bullying
  • Increase how often students and adults felt safe valued, respected, and connected
  • Achieve these goals in ways that saved time for teachers and other educators
The program inspires and empowers students to fulfi ll their roles as upstanders and to “be a leader, make a difference, and get a voice” in their schools and communities. The core component of the program is the Educator’s Guide which provides ready-touse, teacher-tested, easy-to-adopt classroom and/or school-wide practices and routines to launch, extend, or dovetail character education and anti-bullying efforts. It includes sample lessons, worksheets, counseling tips and suggested phrases for students, educators, and coaches.
This program includes:
  • 1 Educator’s Guide
  • 2 17” x 22” Posters
  • 30 Promise Cards
  • 30 Family Pledge Cards
  • 30 Postcards
  • 30 Stickers
  • 30 Pencils with Pencil Shields
  • 1 Teacher Promise Card
  • 30 Power Cards
  • 30 Silicone Bracelets