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Interactive Activities & More ‐ Volume 2: Workbook


Interactive Activities & More - Volume 2: Workbook

Interactivity Activities and More - Volume 2 is the second in series by co-authors Carol Butler Cooper and Ester Leutenberg. Mental health professionals, educators, and facilitators in any setting will find this resource useful with their clients. The Facilitator's Information page at the end of each section suggests ways to present the activity. Activities are for teens, adults, and senior adults. Some activities have separate pages for specific age groups. Topics include: Abuse Prevention, Mind-Set, Change, Negotiation, Communication, Resilience, Problem Solving, Self-Reliance, Diversity, Wellness. Activities incorporate games, graphics, creative expression, role-plays, teamwork, emoticons, mindmaps, debates, panels, public service announcements, presentations, social media, story-telling, thought-bubbles, etc.