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Binge Drinking Blowout Show 2.0 DVD

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Most-Used, Most-Abused Drugs: Binge-Drinking Blowout Show 2.0 DVD

In high school news travels fast and bad news moves at lightning speed. A cell phone text conversation informs us that Justin is dead after “passing out” playing “Hot Shots,” a drinking game.

This texting conversation opens Binge Drinking Blowout, a “no-use” message documentary focusing on how excessive drinking affects young adults. Students share experiences of blackouts, violence, date rape encounters, and alcohol poisoning emergencies, while friends and families of victims tell students about the heavy price they paid. Throughout, we periodically return to the story of Justin, finding a Facebook “in memoriam” page to him, and then learning through a chat conversation that Bruce has been arrested for causing Justin’s death. As the chats continue we learn that Bruce is also accused of sexual assault of a young woman he plied with alcohol.

Binge Drinking Blowout teaches that mixing drugs with alcohol is lethal and that “partying” has serious consequences not to be ignored. 21 minutes.

This DVD is also part of the Most Used, Most Abused Drug DVD Series. To learn more about the DVD series see product 1524A.