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PeaceTalks Managing Your Anger DVD

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PeaceTalks - Managing Your Anger DVD

Controlling one's anger is a critical life skill and Managing Your Anger explores the difficulties teens face learning to control theirs while dealing with raging hormones, the pressures of grown-up responsibilities and the generalized anger of mass culture. Teens humorously outline their biggest pet peeves, and learn to deal with some of life's most common aggravating situations without blowing up. Kids learn to express anger in non hurtful ways and let go of pent-up resentments through forgiveness and self-control.

PeaceTalks is a research-based and award-winning program which incorporates multiple approaches shown to be effective in reducing aggression and violence. Hosted by Michael Pritchard, America's most respected teen counselor. Pritchard is a humorist, actor, youth activist, former probation officer, and PBS host.

PeaceTalks Educates kids about violence in our society, the risks they face every day, and the positive choices they can make to stay safe. PeaceTalks Prevents violence by teaching kids how to avoid dangerous situations, handle their own emotions, and use conflict resolution skills. PeaceTalks Empowers teens to learn how to get along with others.

Approximately 28 minutes. Leaders Guide available online.

This DVD is also part of the PeaceTalks DVD Series. To learn more about the DVD series see product 1284A.