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Real Life Teens Series, (10 DVD set)


Real Life Teens 10-Part DVD Series

Grades: 8-12. These programs talk directly to teens by real teens telling their own stories and experiences on a variety of important and current issues. They are designed to provoke thought and conversation amongst teens on difficult-to-discuss issues and show them that their problems and issues are shared by others.

Sexual Responsibility
Topics covered: STDs, HIV, unprotected sex, consequences of multiple partners, emotional and financial effects of teen pregnancy.

Deep Depression and Suicide
Topics covered: What is deep depression, how is it recognized, attempted suicide, substance abuse, warning signs, coping with problems, where to turn for help.

Cyber Bullying
Topics covered: Why do teens cyber-bully, what can be done about it, how it can be stopped, forum and chat rooms, consequences, website bullying, where to turn for help, Internet Dos and Don'ts.

Obesity and Health
Topics covered: Why teens become overweight, how to avoid becoming obese, health issues, how depression and anxiety relate to the problem, outside influences, changing attitudes about body image, how it affects self-esteem, where to turn for help.

Drug Abuse Beyond Marijuana & Alcohol
Topics covered: Abusing prescription medication, how dangerous drugs affect the user, GHB and Rohypnol, Ecstasy or MDMA, Methamphetamines, Inhalant abuse, Steroids, dangerous drug impurities.

Topics covered: What is self-esteem? Why do teens think they change from confident children to confused, unmotivated adolescents? How society makes us feel less worthy, things to do to help build self-confidence.

Teen Rebellion
Topics covered: Healthy vs. unhealthy rebellion, anger issues, parents’ role, respect & permission, dealing with disappointment.

Emotional Abuse
Topics covered: Types of emotional abuse, what to do if you are being abused, why does it happen, can it lead to other dangerous behaviors, & where to get help.

Dangers of Social Media
Topics covered: What are the benefits and dangers of Social Networking, what should you not post on your site, felony charges associated with sexting.

Party Drugs
Topics covered: What is Ecstasy and other club drugs, why are prescription pills just as dangerous as illegal drugs, where are prescription drug users sharing "recipes."

DVDs are 20 minutes each. Leader's guides available online. DVDs also sold individually.