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FREE Student Solidarity™ Campaign Cards (25 Pack)


The Student Solidarity Campaign was started by The Bureau for At-Risk Youth with the mission of Bringing Together Students of ALL Races, Religions, Nationalities, Genders and Sexual Orientations Under the Belief WE STAND UNITED AS ONE!

The Campaign slogan is: U.S.A. United Students of America 

The mission of the Student Solidarity Campaign is to promote a United, Peaceful and All-Inclusive School, Home and Community Environment.  Achieving such a goal begins with educating children about the different races, religions, nationalities, genders and sexual orientations amongst them and that with knowledge can come compassion and understanding.  The common goal is for all to be treated as equals with equal opportunities and to not be judged because of race, religion, nationality, gender or sexual orientation or anything else that makes them who they are.

The definition of Solidarity is unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group. This Student Solidarity Campaign is geared directly toward that goal. These FREE Campaign Information Cards and other Campaign items are meant to help amplify the message and get students to join the movement.  #StudentSolidarity  #UnitedStudentsofAmerica

Do your part and help create a United, Peaceful and All-Inclusive School, Home and Community Environment.