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FREE Student Solidarity™ Campaign Leaders Guide [Digital Download]


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STUDENT SOLIDARITY™ is a campaign started by Carmine Russo and The Bureau for At-Risk Youth, a division of Prevention Products & Services, Inc., with the slogan "U.S.A. United Students of America™," bringing together students of ALL Races, Religions, Nationalities, Genders and Sexual Orientations under the belief that WE STAND UNITED AS ONE!

The mission of this campaign is to create a United, Peaceful and All-Inclusive School System, Home and Community Environment for the Students of America.

In order for a school campaign to be successful, there needs to be organization and a detailed introduction and implementation plan. This Student Solidarity™ Campaign Leaders Guide has been prepared to help educators provide the guidance and suggestions of activities and events to successfully carry out Student Solidarity™ in their school. There are various ways to communicate the message to resonate with the students and make a difference.