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Student Solidarity™ Campaign Pencils (25 Pack)


The Student Solidarity Campaign was started by us to bring together students of All Races, Religions, Nationalities, Genders and Sexual Orientations under the belief that We Stand United As One!  #StudentSolidarity  #UnitedStudentsofAmerica

This 25 pack of the Official Campaign Pencils includes 25 assembled custom imprinted Pointless Pencils from Build-A-Pencil with the campaign slogan: "U.S.A. United Students of America".  Each Campaign Pencil includes a pre-sharpened #2 pencil with an imprinted Pencil Shield.  

Join the movement to show support for a United, Peaceful and All-Inclusive School, Home and Community Environment. 

Purchases of campaign resources will also assist us in funding our home grown initiative to provide donations of products to students that are less fortunate and do not have the necessary school supplies for school that many of us take for granted.

Made in the USA.