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The Path to Humanity Teen Workbook


The Path to Humanity - Teen Workbook

By Ester R.A. Leutenberg (Author), Ed.D. John J. Liptak (Author), LISW-S Amy L. Brodsky (Illustrator).

The Path to Humanity Teen Workbook contains five separate modules of informal assessments and journaling activities that will help your students and clients learn more about themselves while enhancing their virtue and character. These modules serve as avenues for self-reflection and group experiences revolving around topics of importance. This workbook includes directions for easy assessment administration, scoring, and interpretation. In addition, it contains group activities and educational handouts that can be used as overheads or turned into transparencies to assist the facilitators who use the assessments in group sessions or in workshops.

The activities in this workbook are varied to provide a comprehensive way of analyzing, strengthening and developing virtues that lead to stronger character. Everything in this workbook is completely reproducible and can be photocopied and/or revised for direct client and student use.

USING THIS PROGRAM: This workbook has been designed as a practical tool for counselors, social workers, teachers, group leaders, therapists, and other helping professionals. Depending on the role of the professional using The Path to Humanity Teen Workbook and the specific group's or individual's needs, the modules can be used either individually or as part of an integrated teen character education curriculum. The facilitator may choose to administer one of the assessments to a group or administer some of the assessments over one or more days as a workshop.


  • Kindness - helps teens explore their thoughts and feelings about kindness.
  • Generosity - helps teens explore their level of generosity.
  • Love - helps teens explore their understandings of the various kinds and levels of love.
  • Social Smarts - helps teens explore their level of being socially smart.
  • Emotional Awareness - helps teens explore their level of emotional awareness.