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The Steps to Justice Teen Workbook


The Steps to Justice - Teen Workbook

Justice is a virtue that encourages people to be responsible, evenhanded, loyal, collaborative team members, and leaders in control of personal actions, and/or by influencing others. Exemplifying justice can help teens be more successful at home, in school, in the community, for the country in which the teen lives, at work or a volunteer job, or as a citizen of the world.

This workbook will provide insights into what it is like to live a just and fair life. Each chapter in the workbook is completely reproducible and filled with educational handouts, pre-and post-scales, case studies, group activities, insightful handouts, activities, journaling activities, and inspiring quotations, for facilitators to use with their teen students or clients.

These five Justice Virtues are represented in the workbook:

  • Responsibility
  • Evenhandedness
  • Loyalty
  • Team Player
  • Leadership